One of the windiest places on the planet, Aruba’s warm, jewel-blue water is truly an experience in itself. These conditions, plus the support of our staff, makes Aruba an unparalleled wind-powered watersports destination. For the last 25 years, Vela has established itself as being THE school with the latest and best quality equipment, highly skilled instructors and a friendly, relaxing ambiance. Our many loyal customers have been coming back for over 20 years to hang out, pick their favorite gear to take for a ride on "The Blue Highway", and feel like home back at shore at our “Vela Hut”. To get that same real surfing vibe, just pass by and have a look around!

Our Vela center is located on the beach next to the Aruba Marriott and Ritz Carlton, our base remains one of the permanent features of the area, with easy access to plenty of great resorts and charming hotels and private villas to serve as your island-home during your visit.

Aruba is one of the easiest islands in the Caribbean to get to, and the wide selection of great accommodations and the endless list of available activities make it a favorite destination for families, singles, or groups of any kind.  Check out the link above complete info, but before you take the next steps, here are some some quick details regarding passport / visa requirements.


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