Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos Islands are a group of 41 islands and cays located at the end of the Bahamian archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean. They are sedimentary islands, built upon continental shelf, and separated by the deep Columbus passage. The coral reefs surrounding the islands create shallow flat water. Not having any rivers on the island contribute to maintaining purity in the surrounding water which makes for some of the most unique and beautiful water colors of any island in the Caribbean. These turquoise waters and reliable trade winds make Turks and Caicos an exceptional place for your wind powered adventure.


Year round warm waters and cooling NE-E winds starting in November and lasting well into summer make for a dream come true! Beginners and experienced kiters alike will find that the blend of these islands and the local knowledge from the staff combines to make for the perfect kiteboarding cocktail.

Established in 2006, KITE PROVO is the Caribbean’s premier kiteboarding school, with plenty of IKO / PASA certified instructors teaching over 1,000 lessons during the 10 month season which runs November through August. The teaching  location offers the best conditions with endless flat and shallow water along the white sand beach at Long Bay. Lesson plans are taught by professional instructors who are passionate about what they do, using state-of-the art equipment powered by Cabrinha for all lessons, with rentals available to kite on your own once approved by your instructor.


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