Icaraizinho is located 80 miles west of Fortaleza 50 miles east of Jericoacoara. Not a secret but still not yet known by common tourists, and loved by kitesurfers and windsurfers whom have made it to this quiet spot, where on-shore wind blows around 20 – 30 knots per day for a large portion of the year. The shape of the bay with a natural downwind safety-net is extremely well suited for kiting at any level. With longer beaches than Jeri and the same incredibly reliable wind, the remote location means there’s lots of room for everyone. Kite Beach is downwind inside the bay, several hundred yards from Vela, with virtually no shore-break, this is one great launch for all levels. Our instructors offer the best and most entertaining classes around. Flat water is ideal for learning and perfect for advanced kiters working on freestyle moves.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT TO FIND: As there is not much of a night life, what you can expect to do is sailing, go fishing with the natives and rest under the coconut palms. It’s the ultimate vacation! A reason for why this village is still very primitive and its tourism not much developed, is the restrict access. You can reach the spot by vehicles 4x4, especially the last 50 Km, since there is no asphalt, only dirt road.

SOME PECULIARITY: Due to the access difficulty, maybe you won’t find your favorite products, as your preferred shampoo, control medicines or even a diet coke. But all this is irrelevant when you get into the village’s mood, buying fresh fish on the morning or drinking fresh coconut water while you enjoy paradise. Most of the streets are made of asphalt, and the others, still of dirt road, which shows that the development has still not arrived at the village. With simple markets, one pharmacy and a few commercial establishments, Icaraizinho still does not have structure to receive tourists whom look for comfort or night life. But if your goal is relax and do nothing but rest and sail, this is the spot! 

Icarazinho offers a diverse and amazing windsurfing spot (or spots). Like Jericoacoara, both places are situated in bays with specific wave points. The center has its porch right on the beach on the upwind side of the bay, just next to the point. You will find a big flat water area by the center, which is protected by a reef. During low tide the reef sticks up outside this area and stops nearly all water movement , and you will have the whole bay as a perfect freeride / freestyle area. Most part of the inner bay is waist / shoulder deep which makes it a perfect beginner spot, especially during the mornings with lighter winds. As the tide raises smaller waves appear which are perfect for easy wave practice. Three minutes upwind sailing from the freeride / freestyle area you will find Icarazinho’s wave spot. A reef, combined with fishermen’s old wood logs creates a break for the more advance waverider / jumper.


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