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Dominican Republic - Cabarete

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Located on the island of Hispaniola on the north side of the Dominican Republic, Cabarete faces the Atlantic ocean and is home to a wide variety of incredible windsurfing conditions, as well as enough other things to do that it has become an adventure-traveler's paradise. From one convenient launch directly in front of the Vela center, you'll find everything from flat water cruising to down-the-line wave sailing, depending both on the season and the time of day.

Cabarete is situated in a windy bay with a protective reef about 3/4 of a mile offshore. It is an exciting place to sail with side shore winds averaging 15-25 knots during the afternoon hours. In the morning beginners will find lighter winds. On the reef you’ll find small waves in summer and larger waves in winter.

Wind conditions 

The trade winds from the western hemisphere blow side/on-shore for 300+ days a year. There are no real seasons in the Dominican Republic, it’s warm all year and most popular times to visit is January - March, then June through September and then of course in the winter, December - January.


Cabarete has long been a hot-spot for windsurfing, and for many good reasons. Our team of talented and trained instructors are ready to help you work on any skills you hope to master, from carving-jibes to down-the-line wave-sailing with confidence, or even all the basics starting with an up-haul. Note that conditions over the winter months can be challenging for beginners and that a strong waterstart is a recommended skill, due to increased swell and chop inside the bay.

Cabarete is also great for kitesurfing.  Kitesurfing beach is just a few minutes walking from our center.  If you are interested in taking lessons, we will arrange pickup by your instructor.

For our non-sailor guests, or to entertain you when you take a break from your windsurfing session, boogie boards, kayaks, surf boards, and stand-up paddle boards are available during opening hours of Vela Cabarete center.  Aside from the activities available at the Vela Center, there are so many fun things to do in and around Cabarete! From mountain biking to kayaking, white-water rafting, canyoning, surfing, horseback riding, shopping, volleyball, fitness, yoga and SUP Yoga classes.

Feel free to ask one of our helpful staff to book a tour or sign you up for an activity once you get here

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All our accommodation is tried and tested over the years and is located very close to our center.  From affordable 1BR oceanfront apartments to amazing and beautiful 3BR condos with private roof-top access, we can do it all.


This 4-star deluxe personalized residential hotel opened its doors in 2002 and quickly became an immediate favorite for new and returning guests. All rooms and suites have a direct view on the ocean and feature stylish wooden furniture with all modern amenities. On-site restaurant and bar, business center, and 4-post King Size Lounge Beds along the seawall make this a great luxury retreat.

A tropical paradise, this beach retreat is considered one of the most spectacular vacation hotels on the North Coast of the island. It is located on a point amidst a seascape and 5 minute walking distance from Vela Center.


Beautiful El Magnifico, with meticulous attention to details in the design of this one of a kind quiet ocean side condo project in the Mediterranean style, offers a wide range of options from standard rooms, to 2-storey 2BR apartments with as many as 5 balconies, plus top floor 3BR Penthouse with private rooftop terrace… Stunning! A luxurious tropical garden surrounds the swimming pool, 2 hot tubs, and immaculate garden lined paths throughout will guide you to your room.

El magnifico is located 40 meters from the ocean and a 5-minute walk from Vela, so it’s ideal for windsurfers.

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