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Located just a 1 hour drive north of Cabo San Lucas, Vela Baja has always been a favorite winter get-away. From mid-November through early March Baja's famous "El Norte" winds sweep the Sea of Cortez attracting active-lifestyle visitors like to you from around the world, taking advantage of the ideal conditions when best suited for different levels of ability. The home base of our operations is the Hotel Playa del Sol, right on the coveted beachfront in the heart of Los Barriles. beachfront location, beautiful gardens, upgraded rooms, swimming pool, and all the gear plus coaching from our staff.

Windsurfers will have the most fun after mastering a confident waterstart, with the exception of calm light-wind periods that may not always be present. Kiters of any level can learn in "real-world" conditions, with rolling swells in deep-water to serve as your proving grounds ... soon to become your playground! All lessons are taught on-site in front of the center and school. You'll start on the wide beach with a trainer kite to give you a clear understanding of the power of the kite. After that, the body-drag lesson will introduce you to a larger kite with a focus on safety, de-powering, launching and landing, relaunching, and safety release. Those skills are necessary for you to get a board on your feet, and ride!

You'll find plenty of latest sails, kites, boards, foils, and more all ready to launch. Other toys including seas kayaks, snorkel gear, a helpful and friendly staff, and plenty of the relaxed Baja atmosphere that our guests return for every year. To keep everyone busy on no-wind days / light-wind mornings (plus non-windsport enthusiasts) we maintain a high-end fleet of full-suspension mountain bikes with miles and miles of guided or self-guided trails to explore, all a short pedal away from your room. All this a short taxi from the SJD "Los Cabos" airport.


Vela Baja is one of the most versatile centers in our portfolio.  There are many activities which you can do besides wind powered water sports.  Baja has many miles of mountain biking treks which have been cultivated through many years to accommodate rides of different level and different styles.  


Explore a whole new world, become a freediver.  Learning to freedive can improve confidence in when swimming, enhance the experience when snorkeling, provide valuable skills for spearfishing and generally develop a feeling of well-being and fitness. Practitioners of the sport often cite a Zen like state as a result of the calm meditative breathing practices that form part of the pre-dive preparations.

Stand up paddling

It is early morning, totally calm, and you’re a few hundred meters from shore on a Stand up Paddleboard.

In the dim pre-dawn light you can just make out the shapes of your friends and family nearby on their own boards and the tranquil serenity is only disturbed by the distant singing of humpback whales and the occasional clap of a mobela ray as it leaps from the water. As the dull red glow on the horizon intensifies the hues change through the spectrum from shades of purple orange and yellow until suddenly the sun bursts forth in a blaze of glorious light. Looking back to shore the spectacular backdrop of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains is now visible, bathed in glorious dawn colors. Now it is bright enough for you to see the majestic shapes of the whales as they cruise past and witness the flight of the leaping rays. As you head back to shallower waters and cruise along the coastline myriad varieties of fish are visible in the crystal clear waters.


reliable winds
suitable for beginners
mountain biking
stand up paddling
organized tours
equipment available

Conditions at Vela Baja are perfect for all types of windsurfing or kiting including riding waves or just freeriding.  Early morning breezes are often light favouring beginners and improvers. Then later on due to a local thermal effect the “El Norte” wind increases  resulting in stronger winds with a typical day ranging 18 to 23 knots.

The side-shore winds from the left ensure there is ample space for all kiters and windsurfers. When a strong “El Norte” blows, sizeable swell can build giving great conditions for kitesurf style riders.


We selected two properties for you, which are very close to the spot and offer unique experience.  Both are suitable for single travelers, small groups or for families.  Playa del Sol is a boutique hotel with just 26 rooms and has got a unique, more personal vibe and the hotel Palmas de Cortez is a more traditional, first-class resort.

Palmas de Cortez

Hotel Palmas de Cortez is the gem of Baja’s East Cape, spanning the beachfront of the town of Los Barriles. Situated along a beautiful white sand beach, this first-class resort offers full amenities for anglers and families alike. The magnificent infinity edge pool and resort-style swim-up bar overlook the magnificent Sea of Cortez.


10 minutes walking distance from the center

Room sizes

1-10 persons



Boutique Hotel Playa Del Sol

Playa del Sol offers an enchanted tropical setting that is a world apart from the hustle and bustle of over-commercialized resort areas.  Guests will find Playa del Sols intimate setting to be a nice change from the ‘mega resorts’ found in other areas of Baja. With only 26 rooms, Playa del Sol is able to offer a slightly more personal touch for all its guests.


Right behind the center!

Room sizes

1-5 persons

  • Swimming pool

  • Caffee and restaurant

  • Airport shuttle

  • Babysitting and child services

  • Free Wifi

  • Palapa bar

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