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is a franchisor of destination centers catering to water and wind sport enthusiasts.  Over our 30+ year history our centers have served over 1M+ visitors and helped to eliminate the hassle and the carbon footprint of millions of pounds of windsurf, kitesurf, surf and SUP boards and other equipment.    


Our mission is to allow our guest to have all the fun they love having on the best equipment in the world while traveling with just their carry-on.  Over the next 30 years we plan to continue to expand the equipment our centers carry – bikes, e-bikes, wings, foilboards, one-wheels, and other equipment to allow our guest to try new sports, test new equipment and find new passions.


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Vela's environmental responsibility

It is our duty to protect our planet. Vela contributes by offering more responsible ways to enjoy the sport we love.

Book your next trip with full gear provided by Vela and save:

  • hours packing your gear and waiting in oversize luggage lines
  • $150-$300 on oversize luggage surcharges and transport


Impact savings

Save 715lbs of CO2 just for the extra luggage (NY-Maui trip, 1.17 CO2/km/kg on Boeing 747-400 (source: data from IBA, EPA and Boeing)

This is about the amount of CO2 15 trees can absorb in a year.  (source: co2meter.com)

So go ahead and let us quote you a trip including the latest gear from our partners Neil Pryde or Cabrinha


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email: info@velaresorts.com

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