St Martin provides ideal conditions to match almost any level of windsurfer. Our team of talented and trained instructors are ready to help you work on any skills you hope to master, from carving-jibes to down-the-line wave-sailing with confidence, or even all the basics starting with an up-haul. Note that conditions over the winter months can be challenging for beginners directly in front of the center due to shore-break, though a short 200m walk brings you to the shallow, flat-water lagoon where we provide all novice and intermediate instruction. Note that rates will be slightly higher when lessons are added on-site and scheuling is subject to availabilty. 


Beginner Lessons: If you are pre-booked on our discounted beginner package, you will have use of our novice equipment and receive one free beginner lesson that covers basic sailing skills. Additional beginner lessons can be reserved in advance as well. Private lessons cost $65 per hour, semi-private $105 per hour (for 2 students) or a 4-Day Group Lesson Package at $185 (group lessons up to 4 students). We also offer a great Beginner Package with 7 Day Rental and 4 x 1-Hour Group Lessons for $410.
Private lessons are available to cover any topics desired from beach starting to back-looping. The purpose of the private lesson option is to give you more individualized instruction. Below is a list of common private lesson topics: Dialing in your gear, Pivot Jibe, Hook and foot / how to get on a plane, Carving Jibe; Sailing fast when underpowered, Freestyle, Wave Riding ... ANYTHING we can do we can try to teach! Private lessons cost $65 per hour, semi-private $105 per hour (for 2 students). Note: a 4-day package at $185 (group lessons up to 4 students) is available too, but more suitable for beginners.

We would love to help show the next generation how to windsurf! Vela's instructors are prepared to help you get your kids hooked, though we can't promise that they will be the ones begging for nextyear's windsurf vacation ... yet! Our program includes three 2-hour sessions with a 1-hour group lesson followed by 1 hour of gear use afterwards, and costs only $135.

Note: All lesson prices are discounted when reserved in advance and will be at least 10% extra if arranged once you get to St Martin.