Wind Reports

The main sailing area gets mostly side-shore winds with a mix of flat water ... and waves (as big as 5 meters on those HUGE days) on the reef 250 meters offshore. *NOTE: A waverunner is on stand-by for any necessary rescues* When the waves are over your head, keep inside the lagoon and out of the break. High Season begins mid-October through mid-April, with a combination of the best and most consistent winds plus solid swells out on the playground. The most common sail size is your normal "Maui Quiver", with 6m to 9m kites ... just perfect. Spring / Summer from mid-April to June is an ideal for surfing, kayaking and SUP when light-wind days are on the menu. The spot is tide sensitive but during low tide you can walk to the reef area to sail or simply plan a day-trip to explore one of numerous spots in the region. Late summer from July to October winds become less reliable but still a great time to experience time off the grid!