Wind Reports

The other paradise after Jericoacoara, was discovered at the end of 2007 and got into the windsurf world in 2008, with a soft-opening of our new center. Even since, kiters and windsurfers alike have shared this incredible location with plenty of room for everyone out on the water! There are so many other positive aspects in Jericoacoara and Icaraizinho that sometimes we forget the main thing that we look for in vacations: the assurance that we will not have to pray to the weather gods for a windy morning. You´ve heard or read before that in both Jericoacoara and Icaraizinho from July to January, it´s rock solid 100% wind. The more west you travel from here, the more wind you find. Icarazinho offers slightly less wind than Jericoacoara with normally 4,7 – 5,3 during the high season. As is true along the rest of the coast, you will find the strongest wind during mid day and the afternoons. During the mornings you will have lighter winds which are perfect for beginners and practicing a new trick. Or just sleep in…

Icarazinho offers a diverse and amazing windsurfing spot (or spots). Like Jericoacoara, both places are situated in bays with specific wave points. The center has its porch right on the beach on the upwind side of the bay, just next to the point. You will find a big flat water area by the center, which is protected by a reef. During low tide the reef sticks up outside this area and stops nearly all water movement , and you will have the whole bay as a perfect freeride / freestyle area. Most part of the inner bay is waist / shoulder deep which makes it a perfect beginner spot, especially during the mornings with lighter winds. As the tide raises smaller waves appear which are perfect for easy wave practice. Three minutes upwind sailing from the freeride / freestyle area you will find Icarazinho’s wave spot. A reef, combined with fishermen’s old wood logs creates a break for the more advance waverider / jumper.